Rhino Security Deposit Alternative

ES Property Management has partnered with Rhino Insurance to offer an easy and affordable security deposit alternative!


We Want You To Afford the Home You Want

We understand that security deposits are expensive and can be difficult to pay upfront. We also understand that a high-security deposit could keep you from affording the upfront costs for a home you otherwise qualify for. 

ES Property Management is proud to offer an alternative to the traditional cash security deposit by partnering with Rhino Insurance. Instead of paying a large security deposit upfront, tenants can pay a small monthly fee through Rhino.

How Does Rhino Work?


Pays a small monthly fee instead of a large upfront security deposit.

Property Owner

The owner is insured for damages and loss of rent.


What Are The Benefits Of Rhino?

   Tenants save hundreds of dollars in upfront costs

   Get a free, personalized policy in less than 60 seconds.

   Dynamic, accurate monthly pricing. Your policy is priced specifically for you while making sure the policy is also affordable.

   It's always an option, never a mandate. If you do not want to use Rhino, you can opt-out and choose to pay the traditional upfront security deposit.

   No upfront fees or letters of credit. Simply sign up, get approved, and begin paying your low monthly premiums.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up?

After being approved and accepting an offer, an invitation to sign up for Rhino will be sent to you. Signing up takes less than 60 seconds!

When do I need to sign up?

Tenants must sign up for Rhino within two days of accepting their offer. The official offer letter will have the specific date and time you must be signed up.

What are the requirements for Rhino?

Rhino has its own screening criteria with a minimum credit score of 590. You will know if you are qualified within 60 seconds!

What if I do not qualify for Rhino?

If you do not qualify for Rhino, you will be required to pay the entire security deposit upfront.

What should my roommate do?

If there is more than one leaseholder, only one person residing at the property needs to have a policy through Rhino. Only one roommate will be invited to sign up for Rhino and get their free, personalized quote. Tenants can split the cost among themselves, similar to utility bills.

What is the small monthly fee?

Rhino uses several factors to determine the price of its policies. Each policy is priced differently depending on these factors.

What does Rhino cover?

When tenants enroll with Rhino, they protect the property the same way a traditional security deposit would. However, tenants are still responsible for excessive damages or unpaid rent.