5 DIY Property Management Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Jul 12, 2023 | By ES Property Management
Common mistakes on a post-it note, a reminder to avoid DIY property management mistakes

Investing in real estate is not a new path to long-term wealth. Indianapolis, for instance, offers a burgeoning market for investment properties

However, the road to profitability can be fraught with challenges, particularly for DIY landlords new to property management. Today, we'll highlight some common DIY property management mistakes that can work against your investment success. We'll also talk about the best way to steer clear of them to optimize your success as a rental property owner!

Mistake 1: Not Screening Tenants Properly

One of the most common pitfalls DIY landlords fall into is inadequate tenant screening. While it may be tempting to expedite the process and "just pick a tenant" to get your property generating income sooner, it's crucial to invest time in thorough tenant screening.

A bad tenant can lead not only to unpaid rent but also property damage and costly eviction processes. Property managers can tell you that it's often more costly to deal with the impact of a bad tenant and the efforts to remove them from a rental property than it is to lose a month's worth of rent while searching for a quality renter. 

A thorough screening process includes verifying income, running credit checks, contacting previous landlords, and even conducting interviews. Your Indianapolis investment property deserves quality tenants who pay on time, respect your property, and minimize conflict.

Mistake 2: Setting the Wrong Rental Rate

Another critical error DIY landlords often make is incorrectly pricing their rental properties. This can occur in two ways: overpricing or underpricing. 

Overpricing can lead to prolonged vacancies and lost income while your property sits empty. However, underpricing rental properties can result in lost profits.

Before setting your rent, it's crucial to perform a comprehensive market analysis, taking into account the property's location, size, amenities, and condition, as well as current market rates for similar properties in the Indianapolis area. This will help you attract the right tenants while maximizing your return on investment.

Mistake 3: Performing Unqualified Maintenance

We admire the spirit of the do-it-yourself landlord. However, there are instances where a professional should be called in to handle maintenance tasks. 

Unqualified DIY repairs can lead to shoddy workmanship, which can cause more significant, costlier issues down the line. It can also ruin good tenant relationships when they have to deal with an ongoing problem while you make multiple trips to the home improvement store to try and fix the issue on your own. DIY repairman with a tool belt and drill trying to fix a problem in an Indianapolis investment property

When dealing with plumbing, electrical work, HVAC systems, or any other complex aspects of your property, it's wise to enlist a professional. This not only ensures the job is done right, but it also maintains the safety and value of your Indianapolis rental property.

In some cases, attempting repairs or maintenance that requires a licensed professional (like electrical work or plumbing) can leave your home unsafe. Doing this can also violate your landlord insurance policy and regulations for providing safe rental homes to tenants. 

Mistake 4: Unrealistic Financial Expectations

Underestimating expenses vs. revenue is another common trap in DIY property management. 

The initial cost of the property is just the beginning. Property owners must budget for ongoing costs like property taxes, insurance, maintenance, and potential vacancy periods to consider.

Without a realistic financial plan, you risk eating into your profits. You might also plan on more income than you end up with after paying the bills, leaving you off course toward your goals. 

It's essential to keep a thorough record of your income and expenses, budget for potential repairs, and set aside a reserve fund for unexpected costs.

Remember: operating a rental property is not an overnight way to generate significant wealth. It's a long-term strategy to build wealth over time. So, it's crucial to understand the finances and plan your cash flow and financial goals with the future in mind. 

Mistake 5: Not Hiring a Professional Property Management Company

Finally, one of the biggest mistakes DIY landlords make is not recognizing when it's time to hire a professional property management company. 

Managing a property is a time-consuming endeavor that requires a deep understanding of real estate law, marketing, and maintenance. If you find yourself overwhelmed with these tasks, it might be time to consider professional help.

Professional property management firms like ES Property Management in Indianapolis can streamline your operations, ensuring efficient tenant screening, appropriate rent setting, maintenance, and financial planning. We provide peace of mind knowing your investment is in experienced hands.

Avoid DIY Property Management Pitfalls With Our Experts

While DIY property management can be rewarding, it is also filled with potential pitfalls. By being aware of these common mistakes, you can better protect your Indianapolis properties and maximize your returns. From proper tenant screening to realistic financial planning and knowing when to call in professionals, every decision you make affects your investment's success.A man meeting with potential tenants, professional property management concept

Ultimately, if the day-to-day responsibilities of property management become too overwhelming, remember that professional property management firms like the ES Property Management team are here to help. Offering expert risk-management-based services and a wealth of industry knowledge, we can help you avoid these common mistakes and keep your investment on a profitable track.

Reach out to learn more about how we help investors avoid mistakes! You can also download a free copy of our free resource, "The Guide to Finding the Best Property Manager in Indianapolis," to learn what to look for in an experienced property management company.

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