Why Partner with ES Property Management?

Experience the unmatched difference of our local Indianapolis real estate experience.

Why Investors Choose Us

When investing in residential rental properties in the Indianapolis area, there are plenty of choices for professional property management. However, no other companies deliver the best experience for real estate investing like we do!

ES Property Management stands out as the ideal choice for real estate investors because we deliver: 


Clear and Reliable Communication

We prioritize clear and consistent communication with both property owners and tenants. You'll stay informed and updated throughout the entire management process, ensuring transparency and peace of mind.


Unwavering Integrity and Transparency

Trust is the foundation of our services. We operate with the highest levels of integrity and transparency in everything we do. You can rely on us to act in your best interests and maintain an open line of communication at all times.


Efficiency and Proficiency for Optimal Profitability

Leveraging proven processes and the latest technology, we strive for the utmost efficiency to boost your profits. Our proficiency ensures streamlined operations and effective property management, allowing you to maximize your returns.

Many investors have already experienced the unparalleled advantage of working with a property management team that combines local expertise, clear communication, unwavering integrity, and efficient practices. We hope you'll choose us, too!


We Work With New and Seasoned Investors

Whether you're considering investing in rental properties in Indianapolis for the first time or looking to expand your portfolio, ES Property Management is here to support you.

With our extensive expertise in real estate management and property improvements spanning over 30 years, we know to help you maximize your returns on investment.  

When we assess a potential property on your behalf, we consider its current state and future potential. We carefully evaluate layout, size, neighborhood, and amenities to ensure they appeal to prospective tenants.

Additionally, we can provide insights into the expected rental income and help you establish a maintenance and repair budget.

As your trusted resource for property management in Indianapolis, our objectives are:

  Facilitating informed and profitable investment decisions by providing comprehensive and insightful guidance

  Identifying opportunities that offer high returns while keeping expenses to a minimum

  Equipping you with all the necessary information to succeed as a real estate investor

  Overseeing every step of the property management process, from preparing your property for the rental market to placing quality tenants, finalizing lease agreements, and ensuring the ongoing maintenance and preservation of your asset. 

You can count on us to be your partner in achieving success in the Indianapolis rental property market. Contact us today to discuss your investment goals and learn more about our comprehensive property management services.

Investor FAQs

Why is the Indianapolis market a good place to invest?

The prices for investment properties in Indianapolis and the surrounding areas are still relatively low, which means there’s a lot of opportunity for growth. You have the potential to earn short-term cash flow as well as long-term appreciation on your asset.

What if the property I want to buy needs renovations?

We can help you with remodeling and rehab work. With all of the property management in Indianapolis that we do, we get a lot of volume discounts. Our relationships with some of the best contractors and vendors in the area allow us to negotiate excellent deals for you. You’ll get high-quality work completed quickly and for the most competitive prices.

How long before I can earn income on my property?

At ES Property Management, we’ll begin to schedule the required work before you even close the deal. That way, you can be sure the property is ready for the rental market in just a matter of weeks. We know vacancies cost money and do our best to help you avoid them.