About Us

The vision of ES Property Management is to provide the best possible experience for owners, investors and tenants. Our passion and talent for managing properties comes from our own experience. We are owners and investors ourselves, so we know how important excellent management is for a property’s success. We bring this personal experience to our Indianapolis property management services.

When you work with ES Property Management, you’ll be joining a team that has over 35 years of experience in real estate development and construction management. We have participated and excelled in every part of the buying, selling, renting and remodeling process. When it comes to professional rental and property management in Indianapolis, it’s hard to find another company that is as engaged and accomplished as we are.

Some things you should know about us:

  • We can help you with the entire investment process, from planning your strategy to buying the property, and then renting in to high quality tenants. When you’re ready, we’ll help you get the place ready for the sales market.
  • We’re good at finding distressed properties in great rental areas and managing the process to maximize the return. Talk to us before you buy, and we’ll let you know what kind of potential a property has.
  • We utilize the most innovative technology and top of the line property management software. This helps us communicate with you and your tenants.
  • We’re a local Indianapolis property management company, and we know the area as well as the intricacies of the market.
  • We serve greater Indianapolis, as well as the following areas:
    • Pike Township
    • Perry Township
    • Wayne Township
    • Warren Township
    • Franklin Township
    • Center Grove Township
    • Greenwood Township
    • Whiteland Township
    • Indian Creek Township

We want to talk to you if you own one property or a hundred. We’re here for you if you’re planning a purchase, looking to sell, or needing help with property management in Indianapolis.