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ES Property Management offers comprehensive services tailored to your unique needs and investment goals. We understand that every property and property owner is different, and we are committed to customizing our approach to ensure a perfect fit for your needs. 

Transparency is at the core of our operations. We believe in open communication and full disclosure. You can trust that there are no hidden fees, and we will always answer your phone calls and respond to your emails promptly. 

We also prioritize your success and satisfaction as an owner. With ES Property Management, you'll experience:  

 Monthly statements and access to an online owner's portal, providing you with easy access to financial information and property updates. 

 Convenient communication options, including phone, email, and text, allowing you to reach us in the way that works best for you. 

We value your input and encourage open dialogue. Let us know your specific requirements and expectations from an Indianapolis property management company, and we'll work diligently to meet them.

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Finding the Best Property Managers in Indianapolis

What do property owners need in an Indianapolis rental property management company? Read this guide to find out!


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Cutting-Edge Technology for Property Owners

As one of the most innovative property management companies Indianapolis offers, we provide some of the best technology in the business for our property owners. Log in on this page to access your account and see your statements, check maintenance requests from your tenant, or follow up on issues or problems you’ve discussed with us.


Online Rent Collection

The ability to pay rent online keeps tenants accountable and payments on time.


Maintenance Documentation

Online maintenance requests allow us to document all work for your property.



We provide pictures and reports whenever we evaluate your home.


Technology is Vital for Success

We recognize the value of technology and personal interaction in achieving success for our clients. While we leverage advanced tools and systems, we prioritize interpersonal communication through phone calls and face-to-face meetings.  

Feel free to reach out to us by:  

  Giving us a call to discuss any repairs or explore potential investment opportunities. We're here to provide prompt assistance and valuable insights. 

  Visiting our office for a face-to-face discussion. We can also arrange a meeting at your property to discuss potential upgrades or any specific concerns you may have. 

Check out our testimonials to see how other investors have benefited from partnering with our Indianapolis property managers. We have a proven track record of helping clients achieve exceptional performance with their Indianapolis properties.

Whether you require proactive property management services or want to maximize the potential of your investments, ES Property Management is here to help. 

Owner FAQs

How much does property management in Indianapolis cost?

At ES Property Management, we have a simple fee structure that is transparent and easy to understand. The leasing fee is the equivalent of 90% of one month’s rent, and your monthly maintenance fee is 10% of your rental income. We’ll review any additional fees and any questions you may have when we discuss our management agreement.

What kind of services do you provide?

We are a full-service property management company. We can do everything for you, from finding a tenant to preparing your house for the rental market, then staying on top of maintenance and inspections. We also help investors locate and purchase properties and remodel them. Our experienced team will handle everything you need and protect your investment property.

What do you look for in a rental property?

Our goal is to help you succeed and earn income from your investment property. Our only requirements are that the property is located in a safe neighborhood where our property managers would feel safe vising the property at night. We don’t accept Section 8 properties and we look for rental homes that have a lot of potential in diverse neighborhoods that attract good pools of tenants. As your Indianapolis property management company, we can help you identify some excellent opportunities.

When will I receive my rental payment?

Our online technology allows tenants to pay rent online, which means we can deposit rent into your account faster. As soon as the rental payment is received, we transfer your funds electronically. You can keep up with the process by logging into your owner portal here on our website.