Indianapolis Property Management That Restores Control and Support to Owners


When property owners feel a loss of control, it’s often due to improper management. Owners may not be sure:

  • If tenants will respect the property.
  • When and if rent checks will arrive.
  • How the property is being maintained.
  • If maintenance workers found the root cause of an issue or merely conducted a patch job.

Regardless of the cause, the result is the same: owners either lose money or value over time. They don’t have to.

ES Property Management Improves Your ROI

We offer a full range of investment property management services tailored to investors, homeowners and landlords. Our portfolio of single family homes, townhouses and condos are among the best investment properties in the Indianapolis area.

What you’ll experience working with ES Property Management is unique. We are asset managers who retain the long-term value of your property investment while significantly controlling costs. We’re able to do this because we:

  • Spec repairs. Our management has more than 30 years of experience each in residential development and construction--unusual paths for property managers. Because of this background, we understand how a building is built and best preserved. We find the root cause of maintenance issues and direct workers on how problems will be fixed. Consequently, you avoid short-term “band-aid” repairs that snowball into more damaging problems later.
  • Employ risk-based management. It’s a different management model, one that assesses tenants’ degree of risk associated with credit history, income and residential history. We dig deeper into the tenant’s story, what have been/might be trouble spots and the why behind the numbers. You won’t have to absorb risk associated with a specific tenant, because each lease is customized to account for it. You gain tenants who appreciate being given an opportunity despite, for example, a lesser credit score, and you can expect compromises, for example, on security deposit.

Both features offer you a safe return over time. 

  • Leasing Services

    We unburden you by managing the details of property preparation, marketing, renter screening and move-in to make sure you are in a prime position.
  • Management Services

    We organize comprehensive inspections, maintenance, rent collection, financial statements and the move out process, so that your property is in premier condition and producing income. Your payments are also accounted for and easily and routinely received.

Why Work With Us?

  • As former contractors and developers, we maximize and protect your property.
  • We safeguard you from liability and lawsuits and net higher rent.
  • Efficient processes and technologies facilitate regular communication and low vacancy rates.
  • We employ quality marketing and screening to attract great tenants.
  • You won’t pay more than you have to; our fees are competitive and transparent.
  • We are available and accessible – 24 hours a day and seven days a week.
  • We love managing properties and provide you with peace of mind.

Let us know what you’re struggling with, whether it’s indecision over investing in property, frustration around finding and keeping a good tenant or financial shock associated with updating a system or repairing an appliance. We can help you be a successful landlord, and we make sure your property is performing as well as it can.

Contact us today to talk about your investment goals, management challenges, or anything pertaining to Indianapolis property management and real estate. Our talented team of experts would be happy to tell you more about our services and why we have the potential to work so well together.

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