Our Methodology

The combination of our unique background and risk-based management boosts your returns. 


How We Elevate Your ROI

The experience you'll have when partnering with ES Property Management will be unique compared to traditional property management companies. Our experts use their backgrounds in construction and development to retain the long-term value of your property investment while significantly controlling costs. 

Additionally, through our full range of property management services, we cater to the needs of investors, homeowners, and landlords to help them reach their goals and experience better returns on investments. Our extensive portfolio includes single-family homes, townhouses, and condos, any of which are among the best rental property investments in Indianapolis.


Specialized Repairs

We do not apply band-aids!

Our experienced team, well-versed in residential development and construction, goes beyond traditional property management in Indianapolis. With decades of expertise, we understand building intricacies, allowing us better insights into addressing the root causes of maintenance issues.

Then, we provide comprehensive and lasting solutions, avoiding temporary fixes that can lead to more significant problems.


Risk-Based Management

Our innovative management model focuses on assessing tenant risk profiles. We consider factors like credit history, income stability, and residential background when digging into each potential tenant's story to uncover potential challenges and reasons behind the numbers. 

Then, we customize leases based on risk profiles — ensuring you avoid unnecessary risks. This approach attracts tenants who appreciate the opportunity of living in the best rental properties in Indianapolis, even with minor setbacks like lower credit scores. 

We provide flexibility, including security deposit alternatives, to achieve better returns and reduce risk.