Pet Screening

We encourage healthy and responsible pet interactions for all residents, and we strive to create a community that welcomes everyone and ensures a pet-responsible environment. We use a third-party pet application service that is simple and secure while storing your pet's information in one place.

This service makes it easy for Pet/Animal Owners to share their animal records with their Housing Provider, pet groomers. doggy daycares, dog walkers, pet sitters, vets, pet friendly hotels, and more.


All profiles are active for one year upon completion.

How to Make a Profile

Note: Applicaants without pets must complete the online affidavit, while Pet Owners should gather the following to start:

  1. All applicants should visit:
  2. Review the policies and click the 'Start Here' button for No Pets, Household Pets, or Assistance Animals.
  3. Enter your contact information, read and accept the Terms of Service, and click 'Create Profile'.
  4. No Pets: Simply complete the affidvit questions.
    Pet/Animal Owners: Select the type of animal then click Create a Pet Profile. If you are making an accommodation request for an Assistance Animal, the request box will be preselected.
  5. On the next page, click on each section within the profile to enter details, upload photos and attach documents
  6. For Pets: Click the green 'Proceed to Payment' button at the top right of the profile, enter payment details and submit. For Animals: Click the green 'Submit for Review' button at the top right of the profile.
  7. Your Pet Profile will be shared automatically with your housing provider.