Why Professional Tenants Need Professional Rental Property Management

Jul 13, 2023 | By ES Property Management
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As a landlord, one of your biggest concerns is likely having a bad or "professional" tenant in your rental property. However, these tenants can be difficult to spot and frustrating (and costly) to deal with if they're able to move into your rental property. 

So, what can you do? What's the best approach to handling these nightmare tenants

In this blog, we will unpack what a professional tenant is, provide actionable tips for avoiding them, and discuss why you need professional rental property management to handle these situations (and reduce the potential for dealing with them again)!

What is a Professional Tenant?

A professional tenant is not your ideal tenant who pays rent promptly and respects your property. While the term "professional" could indicate they're "really good" at being excellent tenants, the opposite is actually true. 

In reality, professional tenants are savvy individuals who understand the landlord-tenant legal system and use it to their advantage. Their objective is to live rent-free or with minimal rent as long as possible in one of your properties. 

These tenants often manipulate loopholes in eviction laws, causing unnecessary headaches and financial loss for unsuspecting property owners. They know how to play the game — delaying rent, repeatedly requesting repairs, often without necessity, or lodging unwarranted complaints — just enough to become significant problems for property owners. 

However, identifying a professional tenant isn't always easy, especially for first-time landlords or those without a thorough understanding of tenant rights and local rental laws. It's crucial to learn what to look for and avoid these tenants!

Tips for Avoiding and Dealing with Professional Tenants

So, how can you spot a professional renter before they have a chance to move in? These tenants can seem like the ideal renter on paper and during initial conversations. However, without knowing how to identify the red flags, they can convince property owners to place them in their properties. 

The following tips can help you avoid these renters!

A woman conducts a credit check as part of professional rental property management services-1Apply a Rigorous Tenant Screening Process

Tenant screening is a vital tool to help you avoid professional tenants. 

This process includes thorough credit checks, income verification, previous landlord references, and background checks. These steps should be applied to every prospective tenant application to reduce the risk of missing crucial signs of a professional tenant. 

Be wary of prospective tenants who rush the process, provide incomplete information, or have frequent past eviction records. These are some of the biggest red flags that you're dealing with a potentially untrustworthy renter. 

Document Everything

If you're already dealing with someone you suspect to be one of these tenants in your rental property, accurate documentation is your best defense against professional tenants. 

Keep detailed records of all correspondence, maintenance requests, payment history, and any incidents or violations. This will provide substantial evidence in the event of a legal dispute.

Understand the Laws

Professional tenants are masters of manipulating the legal system. However, understanding local and state rental and eviction laws will give you a better chance of overcoming their knowledge while protecting your properties and income. 

This includes knowing how and when to serve notices, the eviction process, and your rights as a landlord.

Turn to Professional Property Managers

If all of this sounds overwhelming, that's because it often is. However, property owners don't have to deal with these tenants alone! 

Reaching out to a property manager isn't admitting defeat; it's bringing in the experts to handle a situation professionally (while preserving your sanity). 

Why You Need Professional Property Management

Hiring one of the best property management companies in Indianapolis can protect you from professional tenants. They're less likely to take advantage of professionals who know the ins and outs of property management.

Additionally, property managers aren't emotionally involved in the situation. They can approach a bad tenant as a third-party resource to intervene if things have escalated into poor interactions when working with one of these residents. 

Here are reasons why you should consider a professional property management company.

They Have the Expertise and Experience You Need

Experienced property management companies have seen it all. They have the experience and knowledge to identify red flags and vet prospective tenants meticulously. 

They're also familiar with local rental laws, ensuring your property remains compliant and reducing the risk of legal issues.

They Conduct Thorough Tenant Screening

Thoroughly screening tenants is standard for professional property management companies. 

They have the resources to conduct comprehensive background checks, verify income and employment, and contact past landlords for every applicant. Their screening process ensures only reliable and responsible tenants occupy your rental property.

They Handle Difficult Situations Like Pros

Property managers are equipped to handle difficult tenant situations, including evictions. They're adept at navigating legalities, ensuring all procedures are followed correctly. 

This not only saves you time and stress but also prevents costly mistakes.

They Conduct Regular Property Inspections

Regular inspections can detect issues early and ensure tenants are complying with the lease terms. Property managers can address these issues promptly, protecting your property from damage and maintaining its value.

Routine inspections are an ideal way for property managers to spot bad tenant behavior before it becomes more costly for owners. 

Happy young african american married couple clients shaking hands with financial advisor-1Choose the Best Rental Property Management to Deal With Bad Tenants

Hiring professional property management might seem like an unnecessary expense, but the value and peace of mind they provide can be priceless. Not only will they save you from the headache of dealing with professional tenants, but they will also optimize your rental income and maintain the longevity of your property.

To deal with professional tenants (or bad tenants in general), reach out to the ES Property Management team. We understand the dynamics of different types of tenants and how to manage them effectively. With our risk-based tenant screening and management approach, property owners don't have to worry about who lives in their properties or what to do if something goes wrong with a resident.

Stay ahead of the game, protect your investment, and rest easy knowing your property is in professional hands with rental property management. Don't let professional tenants disrupt your peace and profitability! Invest in professional property management today.

We also recommend requesting a free copy of our resource to understand more about professional property management. Get "The Guide to Finding the Best Property Manager in Indianapolis."


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