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Why Choose ES Property Management for Your Indianapolis Investment

David Treat - Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Choosing the right property management company in Indianapolis will have a major impact on the success of your investment. We’d like to tell you why ES Property Management is an excellent option for you and your rental property.

Local Expertise

We are a local company. Our families have been here for over 30 years. We are knowledgeable about the area and specifically about the different townships in Indianapolis. Our local expertise allows us to analyze the industries and the trends coming along that drive the rental market. This helps us identify which properties are the best investment opportunities on the market. We can tell you which homes will drive the highest return. This rental market knowledge also brings you the highest rents that can be achieved for the best quality tenants. All of our work and experience in the local Indianapolis market leads to the lowest vacancy rate, the highest performance and the lowest turnover rate.

Maintenance Experience

Our team has a combined 35 years of experience in Indianapolis property management, real estate development and construction management and maintenance. We can tell you the benefits of doing different types of upgrades, and if they’re warranted, what the cost structure will be. The long term relationships we have in place with qualified vendors means you will get the best possible work at the lowest possible prices.

Technology Practices

The ES Property Management team uses the best technology. Tenants experience this by completing their rental application online. Once it’s approved, the lease is written online and signed by the tenants online. Then, your residents can pay rent online and make maintenance requests online. All of this brings efficiency in cost for you and it also decreases vacancy. We also provide an online portal for owners. You can make contributions towards maintenance you want to do for the property and you’re your owner statement as soon as it’s posted. Owners have over 20 reports to view online, and you can also see work orders and paid invoices attached to those work orders. At the end of the year, your 1099 is posted to your online account and easily accessible.

Finally, we aren’t just property managers. We are owners and investors as well. We were our own first clients. If you’d like to hear more about the services we can provide, please contact us at ES Property Management in Indianapolis.